2016-2017 Math PD

2016-2017 Mathematics Professional Development

*If you are holding a course consisting of mixed grades, you only need to print learning cycle 0 once, even though it is listed in three columns.

7th Grade
8th Grade
Secondary Math 1
Essential Elements
Printing Material
Printing Materials
Printing Material
Access and Equity
Proportional Reasoning
Geo Seq vs Exp Functions
Belief Continum
Dawn's Design Dilemma
Regina's Logo
Growing Growing Dots
Page 60 from PtA
The Leaky Faucets
Laptop Battery Charge
Growing Growing Dots Too
Math Teaching Practices
Building Trains
Texting and Grades
To Shift or Not to Shift
Jo Boaler Article
One Mississippi...
Representation Match
(cut these into fourths)
Equivalency and Equality
Linear Equations,
Inequalities, and Systems
How well can I toss a horseshoe
Formative and Summative
Card Sort (print on cardstock
and cut out for participants.
Make sure to cut so cards of
two stay side by side)
Coupon vs. Discount
Faithfully Old Faithful
Sorting Squares (print 1/2 the
number of participants - cut
into squares)
Faces of "=" Task
Many, One, or None
Faithfully Old Faithful Data
The Task
More faces of "=" task
For Your Entertainment
Association of two variables
The Rubric
Equivalently Equals
How Many Solutions
Transformations and
Notes for student work
Operations of Rat. Numb.
Pythagorean Theorem
Can You Get There From Here?
Student work (Print 1/2
the number of participants.
Print front to back)
Operations on Number Line
Tilted Squares
Congruent Triangles
Characteristics of effective feedback
Chef Dan Part 1
Getting It Right
Linear Exemplars (Print 1/2
the number of participants.
Print front to back.)
Chef Dan Continued
Dot Paper

CMI and TP
The Art of Explanation
Pythagorean Proved

Fill in the Blank (Print in Color)
Learning Cycle 0
Learning Cycle 0
Learning Cycle 0
A Christmas Story Task
(Print in Color)
Card Sort
Card Sort
Card Sort
Best Rates
Best Rates
Best Rates
Ratios and Proportions Core
Population Blast
Population Blast
Population Blast
Green With Envy
Growing, Growing Dots
Growing, Growing Dots
Growing, Growing Dots
3 Tier Definitions

Other Tasks

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