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Learning Cycles Created during Core Academy

Tasks by Core Standards

(June 11-14)

Murray High School

7.SP.5 How likely is it I'd get a candy?
7.NS.1c Additive Inverse
7.G.2 Star Map
7.EE.3 Multistep Equations
7.SP.1 Stats Lesson Plan

North Davis Jr. High

7.NS.1b Opposites
7.G.2 To be or not to be
7.SP.1 Free Samples
7.EE.4a Cooking Club
7.G.6 Triangle Tent Task

Provo High School

7.SP.1&2 Bag of Blocks
7.EE.2 Expressions
7.NS.1 UP
7.G.2 Triangle Inequality
7.EE.1 Distributive Property

(June 18-21)

Snow Canyon High School

7.EE.4a Isabelle's Ipod
7.SP.1&2 Favorite Candy Bars
7.G.3 Cutting Cube Conundrum
7.NS.2.a Integer Mathematica

Orem High School

7.G.6 Volume & Surface Area
7.RP.1 Unit Rates
7.EE.2 Percents and Rest of the Story
7.SP.3&4 Stats Task

(June 25-28)

Uintah High School

7.NS.1c Walking

Wasatch High School

7.G.2 Geometry
7.SP.5 Probability
7.NS.1 Adding Integers
7.EE.1 Combining Like Terms
Boys Clothes.docx (for use with Combining Like Terms)
Girls Clothes.docx (for use with Combining Like Terms)

Salem Hills High School

7.G.3 Slicing Square Watermelon
7.G.4 Area and Circumference of Circles
7.SP.5 Probability
7.EE.2 Logos
7.NS.1c Number Sense

(July 9-12)

Mountain Crest High School

7.SP.8b Doors, Doors, Doors
7.EE.4b Inequalities
7.SP.4 Choose a City
7.NS.1c Which floor is farther away?
7.SP.6 Where Will It Land?
7.G.3 Classroom Cutups
7.SP.3 Absolute Mean Variation
7.SP.8.b. What Can I Wear?

West High School

7.G.4 Circumference Task
7.NS.1c Subtracting Integers
7.SP.7 Probability
7.SP.1&2 Free Throws

Copper Hills High School

7.NS.1 Number Systems
7.G.6 Linker Cube
7.G.3 Cross Cut French Fries
7.PS.7 Theoretical/Experimental Probablilites
7.SP.3 Fast Food Fat Stats
7.EE.4a Cups & Counters (SMARTBOARD.notebook, POWERPOINT-1withwriteit, POWERPOINT-2stepswithwriteit)
7.EE.1 Combine Like Terms

(July 16-19)

Ben Lomond High School

7.NS.1 The Stock Market Problem
7.G.6 Geometry
7.EE.3 Equation Lesson Plan
7.NS.1b Integers
7.SP.6 Probability with Pigs (Task 1, Task 2, Task 3)

Cedar Middle School

7.SP.3 Populations
7.SP.1 Random Sampling

Richfield High School

7.SP.5 probability.docx
likely or unlikely.pdf
7.NS.3 Learning Cycle word problems.docx


7.G.2Fencing the Pig Pen
7.EE.3 Good Deal or Bad Deal
7.G.1 Scale Drawing Blueprint

(Aug 1-3)