8th Grade Mathematics

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8 Mathematical Practice Posters
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Core Academy Created Learning Cycles

(June 11-14)

Murray High School One possible Lesson Outline Another Lesson Template Option

North Davis Jr. High

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Provo High School

8.F.1 and 8.F.2 Functions - Cycle Explanation Apple Picking Task Decoding Task
8.G.9 Volume of Cylinders - Cylcle Explanation and Task

(June 18-21)

Snow Canyon High School

Eastmont Middle School

Orem High School

8.SP Standards - Scatter Plots

(June 25-28)

Uintah High School

Wasatch High School

8.F.1 - Linear Rate of Change
8.G.1-3 - Similarity and Congruence
Linear Equations, Rate of Change and Slope Cycle - Bicycle Tasks - Tiling a Patio

Salem Hills High School

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(July 9-12)

Mount Crest High School

West High School

Copper Hills High School

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(July 16-19)

Ben Lomond High School

Cedar Middle School

Richfield High School

(July 23-27)